Inspiring Others

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Inspiring Others on a Daily Basis

I have always been one that worked hard at inspiring others every day.  I loved to see others grow in any way possible.  I recall doing this all my life.  It came so easily to me. I never had to work at it, try hard, or even think about it – I mean it was so easy! You know what I am talking about – It feels good right!!??

Why can’t we do this for ourselves? Why is it so easy to help inspire others, but not ourselves? I used to think it there was nothing to it really.  I was encouraging them to be the best they could be at that moment. I didn’t realize there was more to it than just cheering someone on each day.

One day someone pointed out they were inspired by me, who I was, not what I was saying or encouraging them to do that day.  I knew I was a good person and all, but I was not perfect.  I didn’t act classy or even talk in full sentences most days! I was just a regular person, worked 40 plus hours a week, was married with kids, and sometimes never slept. I looked tired from working the night shift, overweight, and not attractive. Yes, these are things, that at one time, I thought contributed to who I was as a person.

I know what you are thinking – that they are not all that make a person who they are, right?  None of these attributes were of any importance to me when looking at someone else. Unfortunately, I thought I was judged by these standards by all.  I am sure some used these, but certainly not everyone.  It was hard to get past my perceptions of how others judge me by my “looks”.  I was so worried and hung up on truly believing that this was how I was “seen” – by my physical layer.

The day that I finally let this go, and moved forward, was so life changing.  Unless you experience this yourself it will be hard for you to understand the “power” this can have over one’s self.  It can really take a hold of you and make you feel like you were not able to be “seen” for who you really were inside – underneath that physical layer.

I wish I could say it was an instantaneous revelation and change that occurred over night.  There was no magic wand that made this happen for me. There is one thing that did happen though – I started to believe in myself.  Now this is more than knowing I was smart, or crafty, or a good person.  The belief that grew inside me was an inspiration and confidence in who I was and wanted to be.  I finally understood that looks didn’t matter.  We all have our own beauty and need to learn to embrace ourselves.

Confidence is a super power – it is true!  Once I felt this growing inside me, I was able to embrace a new me.  I found I could inspire others is a whole new way. Loving yourself creates limitless possibilities. I feel more empowered to inspire others than ever. I want everyone to feel this super power!

Embrace your super power!



There are just some days it seems like it is too much!



When Life Hands You Lemons

There are just some days that are just too much to handle.  Sometimes they are far and few in between, and others seem never ending.  I am living what feels like the never ending ride lately.  I know I can handle this – I can do this- I know it.  Some days just seem to hit harder than others.  It’s nothing life threatening, so I know it is OK to say take some deep breaths and relax. It will be OK, but in the moment it doesn’t always feel so easy.

I am sure you are able to relate to this, if even just once, things can get overwhelming.  It might truly be something little, but it feels like one heck of a lemon in the moment! Sure the saying tells us to turn lemons into lemonade.  I am sure some of us would have bucket loads of lemonade, right!!??

What helps you when you are overwhelmed?

I have heard many opinions and suggestions.  Some great, some I thought twice about. I know what works for one person may not work for another. I also know that what works for me one time might not be helpful the next.  I would always be making different versions of lemonade.  You know what? I am OK with that too. Why? Hmmm…why not!?

We all are dealt different things, at different times, and are capable of dealing with each scenario differently, even within our own self.  My bucket of lemons is over flowing. There are days that it does not seem so bad, and days like today that every breath just hurts.  We all have days that are rougher than the others. The ones we are tested even more.

Deep breaths.  Lots and lots of deep breaths help.  Sometimes a good cry is the best option.  I don’t love it, but it does make me feel better!  No problems are solved but there is some relief in the overwhelming suffocation. I made my own version of lemonade in the end today.

Self Care

img_8107Everyone is Talking About It

I am always reading a post, article, blog or hearing someone saying you need to take care of yourself.  It’s hard! I get it who has time for that too in our busy schedules?  I know it’s hard for me to fit it in myself. I work a full time job, run a DS company daily, have a family with teens in high school, 2 dogs, laundry, cleaning, driving the 15 yo to Jiu Jitsu – I can keep going – sounds familiar right!!??  I am just happy if I get to bed at a decent hour and fall asleep without my mind wandering.

It’s exhausting always being on the go 24/7.  Your body, mind, and soul does hit a point where it needs to be refueled.  We easily take on a role of caregiver for others and give so easily to others.  Why can we not give to ourselves?

I finally started to “make” myself take 5-10 minutes every day this past summer.  I did it right after I got home from work.  I would sit out back, get fresh air and just do nothing!  Yes nothing!!!  It was hard – VERY hard – at first.  I slowly formed a habit of putting my stuff down when I got home, getting a glass of water, and heading for the backyard.  The kids may. or may not, have joined me.  The dogs usually raced for the opportunity to sit with me outside.  The time that had once been hard to “fit in” suddenly because one of my favorite parts of my day.  Seriously, who wouldn’t love to kick back, feet up, sun in their face and breathe in fresh air right?

Refueling the Soul

Life is hard enough.  We are always too busy to do anything for ourselves.  I was good about scheduling my hair appointment every four weeks.  Yes, that was, and is, my ME time.  I love having my hair done.   I scheduled 25 minutes for myself monthly.  WOW – looking back now, that doesn’t seem like much, but it was my everything at the time!!!

My new daily ritual, habit, scheduled “break” time or any other name you want to call it was truly refueling time.  I learned that it didn’t take much to refuel my body, mind, and soul each day.  I was given a gift of some peace, less stress, a chance to breathe and let the day’s tension go, even if just a little but, so I could truly BE me and BE there for my family.

I know we are all busy. Trust me!  I was able to do something very simple that anyone else can do too.  I did nothing and breathed.  It didn’t cost me anything. I could still spend time with my family and dogs too.

Do something for you – you deserve your love and self care!


Being Confident vs. Feeling Confidence

0462ECA3-C4C7-405C-B7FD-97DD9E465383Being Confident

I am know I am confident.  I am confident in my knowledge and skills as a nurse and leader. I am confident in most decisions I have made as a mother, now that they are 15 & 18 years old I do second guess myself at times lol! I am confident in my ability to cook and bake.  I am confident in many things that I do in my daily life.  Sound familiar?  We can be confident in our skills, knowledge, and every day decision-making abilities.  We are confident in most of these aspects, if not all, am I right?   See where I am going?

Feeling Confidence

I did not experience what it felt like to FEEL confident and confidence until last year.  Let me tell you it is AMAZING! I truly felt like I now had a super power.  Sounds crazy, right!!!??? Well, let me tell you, this is what it felt like to me.  I now had something powerful within me.  I could feel it flowing through my veins.  It was a feeling that was so addictive I knew I never wanted a day to pass again that I doubted myself to feel that awful ever again.

I was able to look in the mirror and see a “new” me!  Did I look different? No. Had I lost that 50 lbs I was still needing to lose? No.  Did my wrinkles, or gray hair, disappear? No. Something else was different.  I could see and feel it with every ounce of my being.  I looked at myself differently today.  I saw ME looking back in the mirror.  Suddenly it wasn’t as horrible as it had always seemed.  I did my makeup differently, using some new techniques I had learned about earlier that month. I always liked my hair so was even happier that it looked even better today.  I decided to wear something that would show off the 40 lbs I had lost recently.  I still had a long way to go, but this was so HUGE for me. The new-found super power that I suddenly possessed freed me in so many ways this day.  I finally was able to experience what it felt like to feel confident in myself and in my own skin. I had confidence flowing through my veins. It was exhilarating to say the least.

My Why…

I have been wanting to start a blog forever – truly forever!  I am finally jumping in with both feet.  Ready or not – here I am.

I always struggled with confidence.  I smile as I type this as I did not say “I struggle” or “have always” – that would mean that I still struggle.  I can finally say that I do not at the young age of 47 – well 48 next month.  Do I still have a bump in the road? Hell yes!  I just hold my chin up, fix my crown (yes an amazing quote) and push on forward.

Yes, it took a very long time to get here, but I AM here and this is what is important.  I have to tell you – it feels amazing to feel confident!!! I mean game changer amazing.  I know it sounds crazy, and how does one at my age finally feel confident, right? Trust me it is true and it will happen to you too.  How do I know this?  Why do I know this will happen? I believe this because we all deserve to let go of what makes us not feel confident and love ourselves.  Honestly, this is true.  I am not talking about anything religious, crazy take this pill and you will lose 100 lbs and look like Barbie tomorrow, or try this cream and instant face lift and perfecto.  These do not exist.  I know I tried them, I searched for the ways to change how I looked, how to lose weight and keep it off magically, and all the other things out there.  You need to trust me on this – these do not work or exist.

I wish they did, but one valuable things I learned was that I am enough.  I know I am a good person. I am caring, loving, friendly, supportive…you get the picture.  I was always told “You are a beautiful person” .  I know I am but want to know something – that didn’t always make me feel good.  Why? I didn’t feel beautiful and didn’t think I was beautiful. I have always struggled with my looks. I am overweight, am not attractive, am clumsy – I could go on forever.  I finally decided to stop this way of thinking and love myself.  It’s been an ongoing journey.  I have lost 56 lbs all dietary changes. I started to care about how I looked, but more importantly how I felt.  It’s tough to change how you think of yourself.  The process has made me feel better both physically and mentally.  I want others to feel this as well.  We all deserve to love ourselves.